Medical Profession Protection

MPPOur firm is one of the only firms in Western New York with experience in protecting medical professionals when they are being investigated for either disciplinary matters or matters that would affect their license to practice medicine. The Department of Health and the Office of Professional Medical Conduct are the entities that oversee the medical professionals, and they handle all disciplinary matters for medical professionals. We have handled many cases for various types of physicians who, unfortunately, have been contacted or investigated by the Department of Health or the Office of Professional Medical Conduct. If you find yourself in this type of situation, we urge you to contact us immediately, as time is of the essence in these matters.

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We understand how to negotiate and handle these matters with these overseeing entities. We also understand the particularities of these investigations and what they are able to ask for and review and, more importantly, what is to remain confidential to the medical professional. For a medical professional, his or her license is their means of earning a living. This is an area of law that we take extremely seriously, as we understand the potential devastating ramifications should a physician's license be suspended or revoked.

We urge you to contact us immediately with regard to these matters in Western NY.