Personal Injury Attorney in Buffalo, NY

Personal InjuryWhen someone suffers a personal injury, the effects can be seen in many ways. The injury to the person can be devastating, not only from a health care perspective, but also from an economic perspective to their family members, children, spouses, etc. Our firm has worked in the area of personal injury matters for more than 40 years. This is one of the areas that we focus on because we have a great deal of experience handling cases of all sizes from start to finish.

Whether it be a settlement, an arbitration award, or a jury verdict following a trial, we are committed to our clients. We recognize that at this time of great need in their lives, they are looking for us to guide them and obtain the needed compensation for their future. 

Because of our experience, we understand how to handle all aspects of a personal injury matter. This can include medical/health insurance issues, No Fault issues, disability, and Medicare/Medicaid issues. Whether you need a car accident lawyer, a slip and fall lawyer, or a products liability lawyer, you'll find an experienced personal injury attorney that can help you with your case at The Stamm Law Firm.

Our firm has handled hundreds of motor vehicle accident cases, product liability cases, and injuries on property, sometimes known as slip and fall injuries. We have also handled hundreds of medical malpractice cases as well as wrongful death matters.

Some firms may claim that they handle these types of cases, but given the seriousness of these matters, the experience of our firm provides a comfort level to our clients at this critical time of their life. If you have an injury, give us a call to talk it over with one of our experienced attorneys.

Keep in mind, our firm also has a "no fee pledge." The law requires and demands that unless we obtain compensation for you from your car, we are not entitled to a legal fee.

We proudly serve Western NY. Call today for assistance with your personal injury matter.